Jordan Lee Willox

  • 2015 – Video & Motion Graphics –  Common Sense Media; San Francisco, CA
  • 2000 – Ongoing –  Producer/Videographer/Editor/Director/Consultant – JLW Creative (Freelance); Various Locations
  • 2014 –  Video Contractor – IDEO ; San Francisco, CA
  • 2004 – 2013  – Editor/Motion Graphics/Videographer/Consultant; Grey Road Entertainment (Stargate contractor); Vancouver, Canada
Proficiencies & Programs
  • Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere & After Effects, Cinema 4D, DaVinci Resolve
  • QuickTime, MPEG StreamClip, Compressor
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • DSLR, HD Cameras (Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic, RED), Film
  • Office Suite/OpenOffice, Adobe Prelude
Pre-Production Skills Etc.
  • Started, owned and operated a successful post company for 8 years
  • Writer/co-writer of two feature-length films
  • Writer and recipient of two prestigious art grants (Canada Arts Council emerging Filmmaker; BC Arts Council Prize)
  • Extremely adept at budgeting & scheduling projects — and sticking to them
  • On Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis & Universe), I actively collaborated with the show’s producers, art department, crew, marketing personnel & DVD production departments to create and maintain a unified consumer experience from beginning to end,often under extremely time-sensitive deadlines (e.g. – hard DVD release dates)
Production/On-Set Skills
  • Videographer of interviews for over 60 hours of documentary material, including sound and lighting setups.
  • Cinematographer for over a half-dozen shorts, documentaries and features.
  • Very experienced shooter on DSLR and the RED/Blackmagic Cameras, as well as their respective work flows for post.
Editing & Motion Graphics Skills
  • Edited and designed 60 hours of value-added documentary material for the Stargate television franchise DVD & Blu-Ray releases
  • Editor of three feature-length films
  • Very experienced at organizing & cataloging large amounts of video material
  • Edited and designed video content for three live award shows 
  • Designed and edited dozens of corporate and industrial videos
  • Vancouver Film School (Foundation Film, Class 73; 2000)
  • Robert McKee’s Story Seminar

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